Tanzania Food Composition Tables

This comprehensive document provides detailed information on 47 nutrients in over 400 commonly consumed Tanzanian foods and local dishes. Created by a collaborative effort of the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, and the Harvard School of Public Health, these food composition tables will be useful to scientists seeking to better understand and analyze Tanzanians’ dietary intake, as well as to nutrition practitioners and food manufacturers seeking to develop healthier recipes and foods. The names of all the foods and dishes have been translated into Kiswahili, French, and Portuguese, to facilitate their wider distribution in sub-Saharan countries.

September 2023 update from authors

The Tanzania Food Composition Tables were first launched in 2008. Updated versions of Excel sheets were last uploaded in 2012. However, although there has been no further updated version online, the revision has continued and we hope to have the new version (2nd edition) with more food items, revised and new recipes for local dishes, and revised food portion data base at the beginning of 2024.

Download the Tanzania Food Composition Tables (PDF)

Download Spreadsheets for Individual Food Groups (Excel files)

Download Adult and Children Food Portion Sizes Spreadsheet (Excel file)

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