National Geographic Foods for Health

Foods For Health Book CoverFoods for Health: Choose and Use the Very Best Foods for Your Family and Our Planet (National Geographic) by Barton Seaver and Dr. P.K. Newby:

Eat for life. With every food choice you make—every meal you prepare, serve, and enjoy—you are shaping the future. Choose well, and you build the foundation for strength, longevity, and a healthy brain and body. Choose wisely, and you support the fisheries, farms, and factories designed with respect for the future of Earth’s bounty. Choose correctly and you nourish your family while you sustain the planet. This is the message of National Geographic Foods for Health.

Created with two of today’s most forward-thinking food experts, Barton Seaver and Dr. P. K. Newby, this book feeds your culinary imagination and informs your curiosity about the nature of dozens of foods both familiar and little known.

  • 150 featured foods and beverages, from avocados to wild rice
  • 100 new cooking ideas, including tasty pairings and handy preparation tips
  • includes proteins and whole grains, beverages and seasonings
  • expands on latest nutritional guidance from national experts
  • details the health benefits of all the foods you eat

Read about your favorite menu items, browse for new cooking ideas, keep on the shelf as a constant reference—this book will never go out of date.