Healthy Living Guide 2021/2022

A Digest on Healthy Eating and Healthy Living

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Over the course of 2021, many of us continued to adapt to a “new normal,” characterized by a return to some pre-pandemic activities mixed with hobbies or habits that have emerged since 2020’s lockdowns. On the topic of food and eating, according to one U.S. consumer survey the year marked a decrease in certain behaviors that had changed abruptly during 2020. For example, fewer Americans reported that they were “snacking more” (18% in 2021 vs. 32% in 2020) or “eating more in general” (11% in 2021 vs. 20% in 2020). However, consumers also signaled a decrease in cooking at home (47% in 2021 vs. 60% in 2020); while other survey findings underscored significant disparities in food security. Beyond food, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to generate a wide range of unique and individual impacts, and the emergence of new disease variants is a sobering reminder of the urgency for increased vaccination globally, especially in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

As we all continue to navigate the twists and turns of this pandemic, we once again invite you to do what you can to incorporate healthy behaviors into your daily life. This year’s edition revisits the core themes of eating well, being active, and getting enough sleep with selected research highlights, as well as a closer look at some popular nutrition and lifestyle topics. We hope that you find it useful, and we wish you a very healthy and fulfilling 2022.

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